Last night, I was wasting time sitting at my computer and reading about baby stuff. I read through this “fill out” journal that is called “What to Expect.” Basically it is a week by week journal that you fill out all about your pregnancy. I have been neglecting writing in it for about 3 weeks because I have about 6 different things to write in, and I really haven’t sat down and taken the time to look at it. Well I came across a page which was asking questions about baby’s first movements, and since I have been WAITING to feel ANYTHING, thought to myself impatiently “Well, I’m not there yet” wishing I was. I put the book down and began messing around on my computer forgetting about what I had just read and engulfed myself in a game. I sat there thinking about my game and started feeling something funny in my stomach. Without thinking, I rubbed it and then poked it where it felt funny, and all of a sudden felt something quite odd. It poked back! I completely stopped everything I was doing and placed both hands on my stomach…waiting. Nothing happened. I poked again and waited. Another poke back! I was so overwhelmed with joy that tears filled my eyes and I began to Laugh! My baby girl seemed to be playing with me! I sat with a hand on my stomach and sent a text to my fiance, mom, dad, sister and best friend. I finally got to feel my baby move. It felt a little strange, but I have never been so excited. And how odd that I had just been thinking and reading about feeling baby’s movements. It was as if she had read my impatient mind and was poking as if to say “I’m right here mom!”