Parking Lot Rage.

Ever since I have had my drivers license, I have gotten anxiety from driving.

Ever since I have had my mustang, I have been an ass hole behind the wheel.

Ever since I have become pregnant, I haven’t been as much of a speeder, but still lose my temper, and my temper is a lot easier to lose these days.

I know that I am not perfect and in fact I do too make mistakes on the road, but as I get older, and talk to my therapist, it has become increasingly evident that the world is full of selfish people. This is why I react the way I do.

I am the ass hole driver who might not let you in if you are going 10 miles below the speed limit, and it is evident that the world is passing you, or my grandmother would. I am the ass hole driver who might scoot around or in front of you because you are slow, and yes, I am late as always. If by chance you end up catching up to me to display your middle finger in frustration, I will usually kindly apologize with my middle finger in return.

Lately, my favorite activity is leaving notes on idiots cars. Yesterday’s note was to a bitchy lady who saw me calmly driving down the isle outside of the grocery store looking for a spot to park. She immediately swung into a spot right before me and then parked crooked so there was no room for me in the spot next to her. While normally, I might have said something rude to her, I simply smiled and continued driving down the isle to the back of the lot. I then had to walk my pregnant ass from the back, which I know isn’t a HUGE deal, but when you are sore and don’t even like the grocery store, it seems like the hardest thing in the world. Her note simply stated “Nice parking job.” She was lucky I didn’t have a milk shake in hand.

Today’s note was inspired by another bitch in a parking lot. This particular bitch in her mini van decided to honk at me for simply putting my car in reverse. I would have ignored it, but long irrational honks tend to irritate me the most.

I had parked crooked and it drives me crazy to just leave it crooked because I am afraid someone will park too close and I will end up with a scratch or ding or not be able to get in. I hadn’t even let go of my brakes yet, because I saw her coming, and knew she was not going to stop. She must have assumed I was just going to pull out and hit her, yet she continued to drive past me without applying her brakes while displaying the longest honk of my life. I then fixed my parking job and proceeded to walk to the pharmacy for my mother, keeping a bitter eye out for where the bitch had parked. After leaving the pharmacy, I walked out to my car still irritated because I saw her with a child after we had made eye contact through a window. I got in my car, drove one lane over and parked next to her van plotting my revenge.

HER note read “Maybe you shouldn’t be SPEEDING through a parking lot with a CHILD in your car. Use your head AND CALM DOWN!”

I left the note under her door handle wide open for her to see on her way back, and went on with my day.

What irritates YOU the most behind the wheel? When was the last time YOU displayed a little of your OWN road rage? Do tell, I love stories. 😉


Quote me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

“Bitter or Better”

say it out loud.

now repeat it.

think about it. would you rather be bitter?

or get better.

I was told a story when I was in cosmetology school about a woman named Angie Cranor. At 16 Angie’s love was playing basketball. One game her father told her to “play this game like its the last game you’ll ever play,” and Angie, thinking she had the rest of her life to play ball, didn’t take it to heart. The next day, Angie was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. She learned from this experience that you only have today to give that 100%.

During the time Angie was in the hospital, she met two men who had the same injury. One man was extremely bitter and called his nurse to help him with everything. The nurse said he would probably end up in a nursing home because he couldn’t take care of himself and wouldn’t try. The other man was very positive and talked to Angie every day saying he would see her when they were done with treatment and they would be walking some day. Angie finally decided to get bitter or better and eventually became a hairdresser. My favorite part of this story is when Angie says this –

You can do anything you want, no matter how big the obstacles. The accident wasn’t a bad thing. It was just a difficult thing that has made my life better. As you go through life’s experiences and have your ups and downs, always consciously decide to get better.

The reason why the quote “Bitter or Better” moves me so much, is because the meaning really hit me at one point. I was in no way in any position like Angie. I just broke my hand. Though, it was the circumstances in which I broke it that really broke me. I was First Chair in the honors program of Paul Mitchell known as Phase 2, student of the month and top product sales. I had return clients. I felt like I had the world. Then I let one idiot get me so upset to the point of hurting myself. I punched a solid wood door instead of his stupid face and broke a knuckle in my right hand. My cutting, blowdrying, sectioning, coloring, EVERYTHING hand. And this was my last month of school. This school and everything I did in it was my life at the time, so this devastated me.

I couldn’t do anything but stand and watch. My arm was wrapped up to my damn elbow. The worst part was, I was graduating soon and we were going to be holding a graduation ceremony AT the school in which I would do 2 models for my family and friends to see. It was then that I decided to get Bitter or get Better.

Awaken ruinous fiend of early generations.
Your rotting corpse is restored.
Straighten your limbs brush off the dust withered bandages restrain you no more.

I cut off the bandages and dyed and cut until my heart was content.

I consciously chose to get Better and completed my graduation.

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