My Etsy Addiction

Hello everyone. My name is Dahlia and I am an addict.

I have recently found a love for shopping online, but not just shopping online, shopping for handmade things. It all started when I decided the theme for my baby shower. I made a “Baby Shower” board on pinterest and started scouring the internet for all things Alice in Wonderland. Of course finding Alice in Wonderland invites that I actually liked and could afford was near impossible. I finally decided that I would make my own. I made myself an account on Etsy and began the search. I’m not going to lie, my ideas were somewhat stolen from other Etsy users. I took an idea from one store and the wording from another and the stamp ideas from another, until I decided screw it! MY idea works better. I sat and planned and drew and stamped and stained until I came up with something I felt was fantastic! I put it together and worked on a bunch of the same idea and perfected it. I was in love with my own little invites. I decided the theme was now Elly in Wonderland (my daughter) and I was the queen. This led me to finding other things on Etsy and ordering more and more offline. I bought stamps and bingo cards and bags and keys to make party favors! I bought random things for my mom and a couple little treasures for myself. I didn’t even want to go to the store when I had money, I just wanted to shop off of this addicting website. Because, let’s be honest, there is something about ordering online and that final moment when you receive it in the mail that is absolutely, undeniably, FANTASTIC! You hope and hope all week that it will be here soon. Sometimes you even let yourself forget about it so your hopes aren’t too high every time you open the mailbox full of nothing but bills. And then one day, there it is. That tiny little package addressed to you and no one else. You rush inside, gripping it tightly, and then toss the rest on the kitchen counter. You shred the package and there it is!!! Your treasure that you’ve been waiting for what seemed like forever to finally receive and use! Ugh the rush is incredible.

I had sent out about 20 invites in the mail, and received some surprising feedback. People actually liked my creations. I suddenly was hit with yet another idea. Why don’t I try and sell MY invites on Etsy? I had seen other cards that I maybe stole the idea to use a ribbon or a stamp on mine, but there was no invite with MY style on it. The way I stamp or the way I fold or the way that I stain them. I could do this. My Mother said the same thing to me. So I decided to try it out. I made a different Etsy account and named my little card company and wrote down a million ideas for myself. So far I have only added one listing to my site, but I can only feel my seller addiction growing.

It has been about a week since my last Etsy purchase…

Yet I find my hands stained with ink and millions of stamped papers and cards all over my room which I have now renamed “My Workshop.” I have become an Etsy nerd overnight. Now I am constantly thinking of ideas and coming up with new ways of creating and adding my own taste in a new community. My fiance is wonderful and supports all of my wild ideas. He even adds a little input here and there as well. I adore him for it.

If you would like, go check out what I have added in my shop. It’s rather bare at the moment, but you can see what I did for my invites!

Crimson Queen Vintage <- There it is!


Think Again

Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?


I have mentioned this scenario multiple times in my blog I think.

But I once met a man at a show.  A Hardcore show to be exact. I had been dragged there by a friend who I was at the time using as a “smoke buddy” / shoulder because I had been going through a rough time. This friend of mine bought me a ticket to this show and somewhat tricked me, or rather guilted me into going. I was sort of annoyed because I was not a fan of hard core. I was a metal head only, at the time. I thought the show was going to be lame. But I went, with the promise of smoke and just to get myself out of the house. The second I got there, the universe dropped someone in my path that would entrance me forever. We were walking in, and he was walking out. He shook my friend’s hand and then shook mine and asked my name. I shook back and answered, in awe of his beautiful face. I wasn’t allowed to go outside after handing my ticket in, so I asked this beautiful man to go out to my car for me and grab my cigarettes. ( BTW: I don’t smoke anymore.) He agreed and came back really fast. He told us he needed to go outside and do something ( I don’t remember what – still was in awe and trying not to drool.) So we went in from the smoking area to watch a couple other bands. I was bored and decided since I probably would never meet these people ever again, I would be an Extrovert tonight. I said hi to everyone. I got a pick from a bassist from a band called Nihilitus, which I still have to this day, and ended up accidentally meeting the man who got my cigarettes father. I had no idea.

The music began and everyone crowded in, my friend and I close to the front of the stage. I liked the beginning of the music, and felt myself actually getting curious about the show, and then, out he walked from side stage and grabbed the mic. My heart dropped.

Right in front of my eyes, my cigarette fetching, angel eyed, beautiful new crush on stage. What. The. Fuck. I immediately felt sad, but excited. I had been looking over my shoulder all night long searching for him, and now I see him on stage. His voice chilled me, and his words touched my heart. I wanted to cry from the overwhelming amount of feelings. I was bummed because I thought he was probably a ladies man and probably would get cigarettes for anyone who bats their eyes at him, I thought he was probably famous and already had someone, and would never look in my direction ever again. Yet I was proud that he took the time to shake my hand, ask my name and get my junk for me from the car. I was confused to say the least. After his band’s performance ended, or rather seconds BEFORE it ended, my friend whisked me away out the door. I wanted so badly to say goodbye to this mystery man, but thought he probably was too busy with the other females who were jumping around and singing his lyrics. I thought I was most likely unimportant.

That night the whole way home, I could not keep my mouth shut about that band! They gave me chills! I could tell my friend was getting over hearing about it because he had already known who they were, and also, which I didn’t find out about until later, had been growing slight feelings for me.

I spent about 2 weeks stalking. I found the band’s Facebook, figured out my mystery man’s last name and found HIS Facebook. I sent the friend request and proceeded to wait. Nothing happened after that, except for me drooling over his pictures and wishing and wondering what he would be like on a date, or more. Finally, he was selling tickets to his next show, and posted his cell phone number. I immediately saved it in my phone. I know, am SUCH a creep, but I felt something. “Hit me up for tickets” was at the end of his post. I finally, after a few hours got up the courage to send a text. “Hi! I’m “hitting you up” but not for tickets.” I told him who I was and he knew right away. It turns out, he had been looking for ME, and the reason he had never sent a message, was because he thought the friend who brought me to the show, was my boyfriend. HAHA. We continued texting for a couple of days and ended up hanging out. We have been inseparable for the past 2 years, and now are taking our first steps into parenthood together.

He has been saved as Soulmate in my phone since the first day I texted him. I don’t know what that feeling was, but something made me chase. I do not usually chase anything, especially if I think it is out of reach, but I am so happy that time I did. I swore he was a different person, but I have never been more wrong.

Just talking to him, I saw that the face on the stage was a mere mask, a stage persona, and beneath was a real, down to earth person who was looking for the same thing I was. A Soulmate.

Updates on my little one.





Say hello to my little girl. We don’t have a name for her yet, but we’re lookin! This was what we used to announce on our social network accounts. It made me happy to see so much love and support and “congratulations.” It also made me happy to see my fiancé so excited to release it to his friends. If you look closely, you can see our little girl throwin’ up the “Peace” sign. I already adore her so much. She cracks me up. Every ultra sound I get, she just looks like she is already having so much fun.

Updates on my little trickster.

Well, it has been around a month now, maybe a little more since I have last posted. Just thought I would sit and write a little today. I want to have me time, but whenever I come back home from taking my fiancé to work, I forget what I wanted to do. I lose focus when I get here.

I am currently 13 weeks now, our baby has already shown us a little of it’s personality. I went to get my 13 week ultra sound on Tuesday, and meet with the Doctor as well, and so far everything is going well. I am gaining weight and baby looks healthy. Still don’t know what the gender will be, but I feel like it is a boy. My fiancé had a dream it was a boy, and my doctor said she is guessing boy as well. We shall see. I will still be happy with either and have no preference.

During the ultra sound, baby decided that it didn’t want to cooperate. The tech needed it to roll a certain way to get a certain picture for my doctor, but baby didn’t want to pose for a picture. So, it rolled with it’s back to us. Every so often it would turn and look the right way, and would pose perfectly for a split second, but RIGHT as the tech clicked for the picture, it rolled back over again. I could tell the tech was getting frustrated because I had been a couple minutes late and I knew there were ladies after me who she also needed to do an ultra sound on. She poked and wiggled my belly around, trying to get baby to face us, but baby didn’t want to do it. We heard the heartbeat, and baby’s hiccups. It made me laugh. I walked around and drank water trying to see if baby would move a little. Once I went back into the room, she was able to get a few pictures of baby. The funniest thing to me, was the picture she took. Baby, who was now in the right position, appeared to be smiling. The tech said to us “Oh look! it’s laughing at me!”

My little trickster, just like it’s Daddy, and stubborn, just like me.

New Life.

Alright so I have been missing a few posts and I suppose I should explain why.

Am pregnant. 🙂
My boyfriend and I will be getting married, and this makes me more happy than anything I’ve done with my life so far.
I have been sicker than a dog, paid a visit to the ER because of a 3 day migraine that made me vomit non stop. I became dehydrated to the point where I couldn’t keep water down, so we drove to the ER, me dry heaving out the door.

Despite the misery I have been in the past couple of weeks, I still cannot shake this feeling of excitement. Everything I think of goes back to my thoughts of Baby. I am not sure if it is a boy or a girl yet, but I feel excitement either way.