Updates on my little trickster.

Well, it has been around a month now, maybe a little more since I have last posted. Just thought I would sit and write a little today. I want to have me time, but whenever I come back home from taking my fiancé to work, I forget what I wanted to do. I lose focus when I get here.

I am currently 13 weeks now, our baby has already shown us a little of it’s personality. I went to get my 13 week ultra sound on Tuesday, and meet with the Doctor as well, and so far everything is going well. I am gaining weight and baby looks healthy. Still don’t know what the gender will be, but I feel like it is a boy. My fiancé had a dream it was a boy, and my doctor said she is guessing boy as well. We shall see. I will still be happy with either and have no preference.

During the ultra sound, baby decided that it didn’t want to cooperate. The tech needed it to roll a certain way to get a certain picture for my doctor, but baby didn’t want to pose for a picture. So, it rolled with it’s back to us. Every so often it would turn and look the right way, and would pose perfectly for a split second, but RIGHT as the tech clicked for the picture, it rolled back over again. I could tell the tech was getting frustrated because I had been a couple minutes late and I knew there were ladies after me who she also needed to do an ultra sound on. She poked and wiggled my belly around, trying to get baby to face us, but baby didn’t want to do it. We heard the heartbeat, and baby’s hiccups. It made me laugh. I walked around and drank water trying to see if baby would move a little. Once I went back into the room, she was able to get a few pictures of baby. The funniest thing to me, was the picture she took. Baby, who was now in the right position, appeared to be smiling. The tech said to us “Oh look! it’s laughing at me!”

My little trickster, just like it’s Daddy, and stubborn, just like me.


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