Helping Hand

Alright I missed my post yesterday, because I was having extreme writers block and just eventually got too distracted and forgot to write. This morning when I opened my laptop to answer today’s question, yesterday’s answer popped into my head.

And Since this is MY blog. I suppose there is no one here to tell me that I can’t do both posts right now, now IS there?


Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.


I knew I landed my soulmate when I awoke in pain and confusion to see him cramped up, and passed out on a chair next to me. Ever since my grandmother passed, Hospitals have freaked me out. I watched how some of the nurses were so careless with her fragile limbs. Her skin would bruise and break at the slightest of pressure and they were just “trying to do their jobs.” I always felt that if I went into a hospital and couldn’t take care of my self or comprehend what was happening, that I would be SCREWED without my parents there. I have a multitude of irrational Hospital fears. I don’t like CAT scans or MRIs. Anything big and tube like that I have to be rolled into on a table reminds me of a crematorium and sets off every panic alarm my brain has.

I sat in the hospital for about 3 days because some how I caught E -Coli and ended up with 2 kidney infections. Ridiculous, extremely painful, and embarrassing, I won’t go into detail. This wasn’t the first time that he needed to help me get to the restroom or help me get into the shower or bath, but it surprised me that he had stuck with me only so he could help me again and again. I hadn’t found anyone like that until now. Usually in past relationships, the second ER trip for me was enough for them and they didn’t want to bother anymore. I would get a “ok text me when you get out.”


He would sit through hell with me if I needed a hand to hold.



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