Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).



Well, if I was guaranteed not to fail, I guess I would try to become an Olympic Horse Jumper. Ever since I was 7 I’ve been on a Horse or around one. My mom had Icy from when I was 7 to the age of 25. We were the same age.

I took a break from horseback riding when I was 13. My friends had started cheerleading and I of course wanted to be involved with whatever after school antics this entailed. I feel a lot of regret now. I hated cheerleading. I was way better at horseback riding. I would have groups of people watching me when I was younger. It was really neat. It is the one thing in this world I will always feel connected to. The one thing that will always come back to me. When I sit on the back of a horse I know already what to do. My body misses it.


The reason I have not tried to get myself into the olympics is because to me it just seems far fetched. I took a break. I am sure there are certain things that are a bit rusty. Although now that I am older all I can think about is my swinging left leg and why I couldn’t just keep it still!!! I feel like I could if I really tried. It’s just the trying. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I don’t have a horse anymore and the old days of Rancho Sierra Vista are in the dusty past. The old groups of riders that would come and take over each arena are no more. My old trainer has disappeared and not returned my mothers call since Icy passed. Maybe it is her way of telling us she is sick of us. Either way, I feel like I would need an “In,” and I feel like all of my “Ins” are retired.


Maybe I should just go lease a horse… Maybe take a few lessons and join a barn that does shows?


I’ll figure it out.


3 thoughts on “Too Big To Fail

  1. Oh, so many things… My ultimate is to go & see giraffes in Africa, really the only thing stopping me is not having the money. Maybe next year, I tell myself, maybe next year…

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