No, Thanks

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

Do not take this the wrong way… but I am gonna have to go with India. I just don’t understand the culture, and I really can’t do the food. I honestly have never eaten authentic Indian food, just the stuff you find in California, but my stomach couldn’t handle it. I have heard there are areas that are pleasing to the eye in India, but I don’t know if there is anything there that I would LIKE to see that I couldn’t find… somewhere else?

I sound terrible. I understand that if I went there, there is a possibility of my outlook on the place completely changing, however, I just don’t know how LIFE changing it would be. I just don’t know if I would have that “Julia Roberts” moment.

But I could be completely wrong. And I most likely WILL go there some day. and probably have fun too.

I just had to choose ONE place.

maybe Afghanistan? I don’t know anything about that place either though!!


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