Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

I am not. Not yet at least. I am currently in my boyfriend’s Dad’s Girlfriend’s garage, and to be honest, we hate it. So much. There is no happy medium in there. The temperature ranges from stuffy and hot to “take your breath away” freezing. We have a mini heater, but I obviously can’t monitor it while I am sleeping. So that damn thing makes me sweat in my sleep and then of course, I wake up shivering and wet. Wonderful. Not to mention that this tiny room won’t even fit a full bed in it sideways. We are constantly cramming things here and there looking for extra space. We can’t hang any damn shelves on the walls because – OHHH-ho-ho-ho yeah, I forgot to mention that 2 of our 4 walls are made out of ply wood with no insulation. SO not only can I not hang anything on the walls, we can also smell the trash which this bitch has decided NEEDS to be in the garage rather than side yard where it is dirt and nothing else.

Do you see my frustration yet?

if that doesn’t frustrate you, let me just add a little cherry on top.

There is… One… let me repeat… ONE… Bathroom. Between 5 of us. I cannot get in the shower in the morning until AFTER 10 am. Do you know how frustrating it is to be a hair stylist and not be able to shower until 10? its terrible. My clients all have to wait until 12 to get in to see me!!! This is because, that bitch takes 2 hours in the bathroom and won’t GET THE FUCK OUT in the morning. She has caught me squatting in the living room trying to hold my pee! When I get a bladder infection, I am making this bitch pay my bill.


To answer the question, now that I have gotten all of my bitching out, To be living “happily ever after,”  I require the following all together but not necessarily in this order.

  1. My boyfriend
  2. to marry my boyfriend.
  3. our own place to live.
  4. a balcony where I can wake up early in the morning and sit and read with my Tea.
  5. my own bathroom complete with shower/bathtub. only to be shared with said boyfriend/ future fiancé/husband.
  6. my own kitchen. where I can teach myself to cook.
  7. a puppy that will grow into a best friend that we can take hiking.
  8. my own garden where I can learn and grow things.
  9. a garage so i don’t have to worry about my car
  10. and finally, a salon suite, and to partner with my Best friend Baylee.

What would make YOUR happily ever after?


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