A new Hobby.

So lately, since I have let go of the salon, I have felt this urge to create. I don’t have a place to waste my money on and add pointless decor or storage units to, so I have felt a need to fill that creative void with something else. I was wandering around in the Dollar Tree the other day, somewhere before Valentine’s Day, and came across a small stand with a bunch of seed packets! Normally the thought of getting ones hands dirty and planting something only to have to wait for months at a time seemed so dull to me, because I also have a need to see results fast. But “screw it” I said, I needed a new hobby. So I pulled out the old seed germinating pods and a small tin along with some seeds,  and a small jar of water. I went outside and sat on the ground and got to work. Here are my supplies so far. Not much but I plan to add more to my collection when we move out!



I can’t wait to have an actual yard or even just a corner to put some seeds in the ground. Until then I am going to continue collecting seeds of flowers I find interesting and maybe think about fruits and veggies.


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