Sorry this took me a couple of days to finish. The questions at the end had me stumped! haha

I cannot express the excitement I felt in words, when I opened my laptop to find I had been awarded. I have never received an award before other than graduating some class so naturally I was intrigued and had to do a little research. I found that the meaning of Liebster is something along the lines of “Beloved” and this warmed my heart. It made me feel really special that someone had been reading and actually enjoyed what I had wrote.

Thank you so much Monique , it truly is an honor to have another blogger, and a much more advanced blogger pay attention to my words. I started following Monique a while back when I saw her name pop up a couple times in my notifications. Her words are real. I enjoy reading what she writes because she cracks me UP! She tells it like it is with such personality and positivity. I am so grateful to have thrown the right tag up for you to find me haha!

There were some instructions with this award that one is required to follow when receiving and accepting the Liebster award. First, I am to answer a few questions that Monique has prepared for me – here goes…

1. Are you happy with yourself? As of right now, I am. I have recently let go of something that I truly loved, but had been weighing me down for a while now. Not just me, but my boyfriend too. Now that I have finally let go, that I feel a little more confidence and a little more bounce in my step. I feel ready to try new things and say yes to more opportunities. 
2. What was your first job and what is your occupation now? My first job was at Diedrich’s coffee. It was one of my favorite jobs. My whole car smelled of coffee every morning because I worked the night shift. I loved it. I got away with “murder” because my managers all knew something I didn’t. We got bought out by Starbucks and it was only a matter of time. haha. And to top it off, free drinks, and at the end of the day, if there were bagels no one bought, we were allowed to take them home so they didn’t just go to waste! 
3. What was the make/model of your first car? Well, the first car I drove was a 1998 Dodge Truck. It was my moms truck that my dad had drilled and bolted a saw horse in the bed for her and slapped a shell on to protect all of her horse stuff. It had a small double cab, with gray interior. 6 cd changer UNDER the seat. haha, and my favorite part about it was the big old tires that I could find the curb with. hehe. That is what I learned to drive in and the car I used until I got the mustang. I named it Bruce, like the shark in Finding Nemo. 
4. Why did you give your blog the name that you did? My favorite Band, The Black Dahlia Murder has a real wretched song called Virally Yours. It was one of my favorites when I first found this band in high school. While my blog is no where near as wretched or gruesome as the lyrics Dear Trevor Strnad has writen, I believe that I see the world in a similar way. I often use his song names as names for video game characters, or usernames for things I write online. Virally Yours only seemed appropriate because the word Viral can have a number of meanings. The Yours, obviously I liked the fact that it is like the ending of a letter, after all, I am writing to all of you.

5. What are your favorite sports teams? To be honest. I haven’t paid attention to sports in quite a while. I am going to say for Basketball the Lakers for my Boyfriend. For Football DA BEARS BABY! and Baseball will forever be the Cardinals. OH! and Ducks for hockey hehe.
6. What is your favorite color? GREEN. 
7. Do you think all bottled water is the same? I used to. until I got my hands on some “Fiji”
8. Are you always right? Or never wrong? Tricky, yes? :-)  hehe that’s a good one. 
9. Early morning or late night person? Both right now. I used to be a late night person. Now my sleep schedule is a bit mixed up that I go to sleep at 1 wake up at 4 then fall back asleep at 6. And wake again at 9. Ugh.
10. Rate yourself from 1 to 10. Rate my self? on what? hehe 

And my nominees are as follows:

Popcorn in my Teeth


Opinionated Man


And a few questions of my own:

  1. Explain the name of your blog.
  2. What is your favorite subject to write about?
  3. Favorite Deceased Actor or Actress?
  4. Top 3 favorite songs and why?
  5. Tell us a secret!

Now it is your turn.  In a new post:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.  (That would be me at VirallyYours)
2. Answer all of the questions.
3. Nominate at least 5 new bloggers with less than 200 followers, be sure you let them know in a comment pinging back to your site.
4. Compile your own list of questions remember to be creative.
5. Sit back and enjoy the interesting blogs.


One thought on “Lieb…Liebster?

  1. Very kind things you said here, thank you! I am so with you on the sleep schedule, I haven’t had a schedule I would call “normal” in years! I will check out your recommendations later, you know, when I can’t sleep … haha!

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