Call me, Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your life-line, a buzzing nuisance or something in between?

This is not a good one for me to answer. haha
My phone is pretty much my lifeline. If I don’t have it, we go back to get it. If it is on the verge of dying I am panicking for a charger. Actually at the moment I have used all of my data plan and feel lost without my Maps app. I know where most thing are, I just like to double check and search things on yelp. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not use my phone. I even use it when I go out hiking and have no service what so ever? ummm the 5s camera is pretty nice. I’m not sure if anyone would agree with me, but I like the way they come out. I take pictures of everything. Every thing I think I would like to look back and reminisce on. My phone is not just a phone though, it keeps me connected to my loved ones who I do not get to see every day. I live with my boyfriend and my parents are still extremely protective of me and like to know what is going on every day. Without my phone it would definitely be more difficult to reach them, and in fact I am not sure how I was living before the cell phone. Weird how things change over time. The gadgets we never thought we would need are now so important to us today.

Tell me friend, Could you leave your phone behind?


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