What role does Music play in your life?

This is a late post from yesterday. Just wanted to catch up, and can’t STAND missing things.

I’m not going to follow along with the rest of everyone else’s answers and say “blah blah music is my liiiiiiife”

but in a way, it takes up a lot of my life. I go everywhere in my car. My car always has music. When I am at home alone getting ready to go out, I don’t turn on the TV for background noise, I turn on music.

I was brought up on Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, and Ozzy. Through out school I hid my headphones in my hood to drown out the annoying voices of everyone else. But besides all of these meaningless examples of times when I use it, I am a firm believer that there is a song for every feeling in the world. Every time I have felt down or depressed, I always end up listening to my favorite song, or one of my favorite CDs and it is always a bit up lifting.

The way I met my soulmate was through music, and together we share a love and same opinion of different music genres.

It is the one constant thing that makes me happy and continues to do so. There is never a time where my favorite song pisses me off.

It is something you think, something you feel, something you can connect and relate to. Something you can use to express every emotion.

What does music do for you?


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