In a crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

 In crisis situations I tend to lose my grip. I do not like the feeling of “nothing you can do about it,” or not being able to fix it or help. I panic. When something happens out of my control, good or bad, I question it. I used to be more spontaneous and ready to jump into anything, but I feel that with age, I have become more cautious. About EVERYTHING. I am the person in your group who thinks the worst before it happens. I try not to, but sometimes it just slips out when I am actually worrying about it in my own mind. Or I am worried that YOU are not worry about it, or haven’t even THOUGHT about it yet because WHY WOULD YOU NOT SAY SOMETHING if you were??

If anything I am trying to avoid a crisis situation where either – something bad could happen to you, or your sorry ass is going to be taking care of my sorry, sick, or dying ass. I just don’t want to be thinking “I should have said something when I thought about it” while you are carrying me over your shoulder because we stayed out in the heat too long and I can’t stop puking with a massive migraine and am now too dizzy to walk back. 🙂 Or something along those lines.

But anyways. When I actually LET a crisis situation happen, or it happens outside of my control, I believe that I behave like a trapped rat. I panic, I freeze, and try to escape the situation completely.

How do YOU react in a crisis situation? Are you happy with the way you react? Tell me about it!


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