32 Flavors

Vanilla, Chocolate, or something else entirely?

I could probably sit here and come up with 32 different flavors that would make you sick, or something along those lines, but I can only think about how I did not understand the mechanics of “fried ice cream.”

I still to this day, am not totally sure how they make it. I know now OBVIOUSLY you can buy it in a container and don’t need to actually fry anything. And I know that if I wasn’t so weirded out by the opposites in the name, it would probably be one of my favorites. But when I heard someone order Fried Ice Cream at a friend’s birthday party, I was confused.

There I was sitting there in-between two girls who ordered the same thing. “Fried? Ice..cream? I don’t get it. How does that work? how do you even eat it?” they giggled “YOU HAVEN’T HAD FRIED ICE CREAM??” of course all of them asked, singling me out. In my mind I had an image of what looked like a Banana’s Foster recipe, only a scoop of ice cream in the pan of frying sugar rather than bananas. But how does it NOT MELT?! This drove me crazy. I decided to wait and see what it was all about when my neighbors dishes would come. I couldn’t believe I  was the only one who didn’t know what this was. Finally, I got to see and immediately regretted my decision.

All I can say, is Glory.





What Flavors have Baffled you?


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